T.A.T. in Virginia?
As told by Rebecca Evans

Are These the Top 10 Best Pizzas in Virginia?

Did you know 350 slices of pizza are eaten each second?

Gooey, cheesy, and scrumptious, eating pizza is a borderline religious experience for many, and Virginians are no exception.

Nothing quite matches the combination of savory tomato sauce and globs of melted shredded cheese on top of freshly baked crust.

Whether it’s after a charming stroll through Alexandria, or following a visit to one of Richmond’s many funky boutiques and music venues, there’s a pizza place to go with every occasion.

Grab your comfy pants and prepare your stomach. Here are the top ten pizza places in Virginia you have to try. Get ready to break your diet. It’s worth it. I promise.

10. Cogan’s Pizza. Norfolk, VA.

Yelp / Jessica L.

Cogan’s Pizza is a Norfolk institution with an awesome late night scene. Check out the live music and enjoy one or two of many beers on tap. Vegans will love the soy cheese, faux beef, and faux chicken options. Everyone else will dig the 16″ artisan dishes that include a Philly cheese steak pizza and a “Meatzilla.”

Bonus points: portions at Cogan’s are ridiculous! One slice will feed two, but you won’t want to share.

9. Sal’s by Victor. Williamsburg, VA.

Sal's by Victor
Yelp / Ric P

Definitely a locals joint, Sal’s by Victor serves up tasty pizzas and a variety of classic Italian dishes too.

Sal's by Victor
Yelp / Tom B

Sal’s has been around since 1974. A fire in 2009 made a relocation necessary, but owner and chef Vittorio Minichiello (who proceeded Sal) took the opportunity to remodel and enlarge the space with hand picked Italian artwork adding to the festive ambiance, “creating a small slice of the old country here in Williamsburg.”

8. Benny Nicola’s. Radford, VA.

Benny Nicola’s
Yelp /Liz A.

With gigantic and delicious pizza, Benny’s is a big deal in Virginia, especially in Radford. Home of the “Virginia Slice,” Benny’s has a small, but mighty menu of thin, crispy, and oh-so-good greasy slices.

Plus, a single slice of Benny’s pizza is enough for more than one meal. Talk about a bang for your $5.

7. Christian’s Pizza. Charlottesville, VA.

Christian's Pizza
Yelp / Barrett H.

Ultra-casual, but chic and down to earth, locals and UVA students alike love sharing a pie at Christian’s Pizza in Charlottesville.

Christian’s Pizza
Yelp / Sonia M

Christian’s aims to be “consistently affordable and delicious,” cooking pizza from scratch every day, which includes everything from shredding the cheese, to mixing the sauce, to chopping the fresh veggies in house.

6. Heavens Pizza & Tap House. Hampton, VA.

Yelp / Ryan K

Hand tossed with the freshest ingredients and yummiest homemade sauce, the Heavens‘ name delivers.

Yelp / Thomas W

With a strong emphasis on using as many local products as possible, this is a joint you can feel good about frequenting. Heavens also has loads of top-notch brews to wash your pizza down with. It’s well worth the trip to Hampton.

5. Salvatore’s Pizzeria. Virginia Beach, VA.

Yelp / Dean E.

Glancing at the packed house on a Saturday night, you can tell Hampton Roads locals love Salvatore’s, and with good reason – both their pizza and their classic Italian dishes are to die for.

Yelp / J David H.

Truly “a little bit of Italy in Virginia Beach,” opt for Salvatore’s for family dinner nights when you might want to order more than just pizza (although the pizza is more than enough to make it worth the trip). The standard Italian dishes (and garlic knots!) are just too good not to try as well.

4. Brother’s Pizza. Fredericksburg, VA.

Brother's Pizza
Yelp / Sarah H.

The best pizza in Fredericksburg by far, this is also the closest you’ll find to authentic New York style pizza in Virginia.

Yelp / Sarah H.
Yelp / Sarah H.

Located in a strip-mall, Brother’s is a great choice for a casual dinner that will seriously “wow” your taste buds and make you think you’re sitting in an NY pizza joint for a minute.

Pro tip: make sure you stop by an ATM – Brother’s is cash only!

3. Delia’s Mediterranean Grill & Brick Oven Pizza. Alexandria, VA.

Delia's Brick Oven Pizza
Yelp / Rick G.

With a tasty selection of signature brick oven pizzas that includes a ricotta, prosciutto, pine nuts, mozzarella, fresh micro greens & fig balsamic drizzle pizza, just reading the menu will make your mouth water.

Delias's Brick Oven Pizza
Yelp / Pegah Y.

Opt for Delia’s when you’re in the mood for something a little on the fancy side. This is no greasy spoon.

2. Bottoms Up Pizza. Richmond, VA.

Bottoms Up Pizza
Yelp / Jeffrey B.

Bottoms Up founder Dirk Graham was frustrated while searching for the best pizza in Richmond and decided to do something about it. With the help of his mentor and partner, Dirk opened up Bottoms Up, which is now a staple of the Richmond restaurant scene, consistently voted “Best Pizza” in Richmond every year.

Bottoms Up Pizza
Yelp / Kat F.

Truly a labor of love, the Bottoms Up pizza crust takes over 12 hours to prepare!

1. Pupatella. Arlington, VA.

Yelp / A.R. P.

Pupatella (an Italian term of endearment) is some seriously award-winning pizza. It made the top 40 dish list for the Washington Post in 2013, and in 2014 was named the best pizza in Virginia by FlipKey.com, a TripAdvisor company.

Yelp / Ching H.

And the hype is true. Pupatella’s red and white Neapolitan style pizzas are soft like a pillow (as Neapolitan pizzas should be, according to pizza maker and owner Enzo Algarme), and the fresh and perfectly cooked makings of dreams.

Did I miss any of your favorite pizzas in Virginia? Let me know in the comments below.

From quick and messy, to delicate and a little fancy, take your pick. Virginia has a world of different pizzas to offer and I recommend trying at least these ten!

Author: Rebecca Evans

Rebecca Evans is a writer, communicator, content creator, and arts advocate residing in the Ghent neighborhood of Norfolk, Virginia. She's lived in various cities in Virginia her whole life, excluding a short stint in Baltimore. In her spare time, she loves singing, exploring, watching old movies, reading, visiting the winery a few blocks away, and taking care of her plants.